Hyderabad Metro

Hyderabad Metro metro involves a construction of 71.12km of line with 66 stations divided in three corridors. The aim is to connect several important municipal corporation and metropolitan areas in the city is aimed at reducing travel time and cost, and ease traffic congestion.

Once its completion, Hyderabad Metro is expected to carry 2.5 million passengers by 2022.

SYSTRA India was appointed as Consultant to provide Detailed Design consultancy services for ballastless, and ballasted track for the main lines and depots. It includes:

  • Preparation of
    • preliminary designs
    • preliminary design calculations
  • Specifications of track components and materials
  • Structural calculation for ballastless track structure
  • Checking the alignment design and drawings
  • Definitive design drawings for ballastless track and ballasted track
  • Typical reinforcement drawings for concrete slab track/ plinth
  • Preparation of Good for Construction drawings


  • Metro
  • Track design

Hyderabad Metro

  • Total length : 71.12 km
  • Stations : 66
  • 3 lines
  • Line 1 : 29km
  • Line 2 : 15km
  • Line 3 : 28 km
  • 25Kv AC Power supply network for the three lines
  • Status : Completed


L & T Construction Ltd.

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